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Service of Notices

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Where required, we draft and serve the relevant possession notices on behalf of the landlord as a precursor to the commencement of a claim for possession in the County Court.  

This may include Section 21 notices (also known as Form 6A notices), Section 8 notices, notices to quit, or any other statutory or contractual notices required. 

We advise on the correct form of notice to be used in the given circumstances, and how and where the notice is required to be served in order to comply with the relevant contractual and statutory requirements. It is imperative that the correct advice is taken from the outset before any notices are served, as any notices which have not been prepared correctly or lawfully served can cause delays, and additional costs, to the landlord. 

We also advise on any requirements the landlord must comply with before the particular notice may be served. For example, matters relating to the registration of and dealing with any deposit paid by the tenant and other statutory matters compliance with which is necessary for any notice served to be valid.

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