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KDL Law launch new Website and Information Resource

12th September 2022

KDL Law launch new Website and Information resource

Following the very successful launch two years ago of our present website, we received many positive comments. However, due to the demands of clients, referrers and new readers of the site, our web designers have revitalised the website and it is now even more user friendly.

The website contains a huge information resource for those who wish to find an answer to a question relating to an issue or procedure affecting residential property or estate management. It is therefore highly likely that, whatever your question, we will have covered that topic on the website and have the information available to you absolutely free of charge.

Just use the search bar (found at the top of most pages) to type in relevant words relating to your question(s) and a whole host of available material will appear for your perusal and information.

In the unlikely scenario that the information bank on the site does not contain the answer to your specific question or you require further information or advice, we can of course assist further, so please do get in touch.

Legal Updates

In addition to the information resources on the site, we also provide access to all of the Legal Updates filed in order of the date of their production. So there is no need to keep a separate copy of those sent to you (if you are already a subscriber to this free information update service) as you can recall and view any Legal Update from any date at any time via the website. Again, use the search bar to type in the subject matter or, if you recall it, the title of the article (or part thereof) and the Legal Update will appear alongside others on the same or related topics.

We hope that you will find the site helpful as we have put a great deal of thought into making it so. If, however, there is anything that you would like to see accessible on the site then we would love to hear from you.

If you are reading this article then you are already on our website so take the time to have a look around as we are sure that you will find the material and information on the site most useful.

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