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Like most firms KDL Law will charge its clients based upon either time spent on the assistance provided or, where applicable and agreed, at a fixed fee rate.

Please note that all charges are subject to the addition of VAT at the prevailing rate.  Additionally, and where required or advised, disbursements may be incurred in the running of a matter.  These may include Court or Tribunal fees or fees of third party suppliers such as Counsel or other professionals. Disbursements are also subject to VAT and will form part of the total costs payable by our clients. 

Full details of our charging rates, our estimate or fixed quote will be set out in our correspondence with our client or, where applicable, their agent at the commencement of a matter and throughout at relevant stages.

Where instructions are received on an urgent matter it may only be possible for us to estimate the cost of the initial stages, after we receive full details of the matter or have reviewed fully papers provided.  In those circumstances we will estimate the cost of the initial stages at the earliest relevant stage and provide further charging information as soon as we are able to do so.  Details of our fixed fee charges and hourly rates are set out further below.

Our fees are charged to our clients either on a fixed fee basis, where applicable, or at set hourly rates based upon level of experience and qualification.  Where possible we will conduct matters on a fixed fee basis in order to provide certainty for both clients and defaulting property owners. Below is a guide as to the fixed fee work undertaken by KDL Law and the fees that apply to that work in each case. Where a matter is undertaken as a fixed fee piece of work but work is necessarily undertaken which falls outside of the fixed fee assumptions then that additional work will be charged at the relevant hourly rate of the KDL Law staff member or lawyer undertaking the work and charged over and above the fixed fee.  The hourly rates of all lawyers and staff members are set out below and are included within all information provided to our client upon commencement of a matter.

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