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Rent Recovery

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A landlord’s income is at least partially derived from rents due under leases. When those rents are not paid or are delayed, recovery needs to be swift and cost effective. As experienced practitioners in this field, we advise landlords and managing agent clients on:

  • Correct contractual and statute compliant processes for demanding rent, ensuring that rent demands are valid in form and then validly served (see our Covenants Review Service here), and

  • Where recovery is necessary, we take available action for recovery of rent, or possession of property, to ensure a satisfactory conclusion is obtained promptly.

Unlike service charges, rent is not subject to the need to first obtain a determination from the Court or Tribunal, therefore action for unpaid rent can often move to forfeiture/possession at the very start and thereby focus the defaulting property owner’s (or tenant’s) attention on what is required to remedy the situation.

The costs of any action taken are often recovered in full from the defaulting property owner and thus recovery is frequently concluded at no eventual cost to the client.  

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