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Whether you are a professional managing agent, landlord or a property owner seeking to assist in the running of the development in which you have an interest, you are bound by the same rules, the covenants affecting both your specific property and development as a whole, and all of these alongside the statutory regulations that add a further layer of responsibility. 

Understanding the rights and obligations of the property owners and those managing the development is key to the smooth running of the development and the avoidance of disputes.  Our Covenants Review Service gives to you the means to understand swiftly and correctly those obligations.  We can also provide clear advice, constructive and practical assistance on any specific issues that might arise from time to time.

In our extensive experience, prompt and firm action in the face of an issue generally sees the parties find a solution to a disagreement, and at a lower cost than if addressed later when matters have escalated.

We are able to advise on all matters affecting the management of residential property developments including but not limited to:

  • The resolution of disputes

  • The interpretation of contractual and statutory liabilities of the parties to an agreement

  • Section 20 qualifying works/qualifying long term agreements consultation

  • Valid demands and processes for the collection of charges

  • The collection of unpaid charges

  • All other aspects of the day to day management of residential property developments.

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