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Service Charge Recovery

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We are aware that for any development to function smoothly, the prompt recovery of charges due from homeowners is essential.  Where payment is delayed, we can assist in: 

  • Advising on the internal procedures of the managing agent, landlord or management company to ensure that demands are lease compliant (see our Covenants Review Service here), statutorily compliant, correctly served and that internal pre-action debt chasing processes are sufficient before referral to legal enforcers is required; and

  • Where legal enforcement is required, we can take any enforcement steps necessary to recover unpaid charges.  

In most cases, where legal enforcement is required, we will recover costs from the defaulting property owner so that the matter is conducted at no final cost to the landlord/management company.

As a specialist property litigation firm, we have considerable experience in recovery of unpaid charges and are well versed with the sort of hurdles faced by clients in obtaining payment and in recovering the cost of that action.

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